Immune Repertoire Analysis

We apply Next Generation Sequencing to IR analysis, providing accurate clonotype distribution information in interactive tables, dynamic visualizations, and data report to address advanced research questions.

From small biological samples our state-of-art bioinformatic pipeline can generate unprecedentedly high-resolution immune profile, which combined with intuitive interactive visualization tools for revealing clonal population shift during antigen stimulation will enable researchers around the world to study individual adaptive immune responses to therapeutic interventions, discover diagnostic biomarkers and expand our collective knowledge of the specificity and interplay of T-cells and B-cells.


We offer studies for ...


TCR alpha


TCR beta


BCR heavy chain


BCR kappa and lambda

We are located at the WorkSpaces @ Texas Health CoLab

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We are a startup founded by a group of computer scientists, immunologists and bioinformaticians in 2017. Our company is supported in part by NIH grants. We are looking for talents, partners, and investors.